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A collection of cases/complaints reported to our offices by women or children who are victims of domestic violence, abuse or discrimination. The cases in this case library are typically organized by Client, Case Subject and Actions Taken, allowing visitors to easily find relevant cases for their research needs or general sensitization on some of the challenges facing less fortunate women and children in Nigerian society. We have redacted the real names and identities of the victims to protect their privacy.

Mr. and Mrs. A Husband and wife separated due to domestic violence. Wife abandoned their two children with the husband. The husband being unable to cater for the children sent them to his mother in the village.  The matter was reported to WELA. WELA, organised a mediation section for the parties. Both parties where counselled separately and were later brought together. An agreement was made in writing, where parties agreed to maintain peace and order. Parties are happily living as husband and wife peacefully.
Mrs. A Our client Husband of Mr. B deserted the wife. The couple contracted a customary marriage, and has 3 children. The husband beats the wife at every slightest provocation. The woman was counselled and referred to the LSDVU, Alausa, who then wrote to the Isolo police station. The man was arrested for domestic violence.
Mrs. A The woman lived with the husband for over 10 years without any issue. In 2017, the woman was introduced to an herbal home in Port Harcourt, where she visited and according to her conceived and had a girl child. The husband not being satisfied with the circumstances surrounding the birth insisted he is not the father of the baby. Our client contributed in the building of their matrimonial home, which the husband now estranged, sought to sell. The woman was given legal advice and help. A letter was written to the husband, highlighting the rights of our client. The man has agreed to take the sum of N5M from our client as full and final settlement of property.
Mrs. A The husband refused to consummate his marriage for over a year now. The man insisted he is no longer interested in the customary marriage contracted with our client that produced 3 children. He has refused to provide for his family and does not want to remain in the marriage though he never physically abused our client, he does not talk to her, which to her is worst than beating. WELA have called the man to hear from him to enable us chat a way forward, but he refused to show up. The wife called to say that her church wants to intervene in the matter. We are still waiting for the outcome of the church elder deliberation.
Mrs. A Mrs. A came to WELA through recommendation by her boss. The issue was that her husband often threaten her with broken bottle and calls her names in the presence of other tenants in the compound they live in. she wanted WELA to just caution the husband and does not want the man to be arrested or taken to court. WELA wrote a letter to the husband, Mr. B and invited for mediation.  At the mediation section, he pointed out what makes him treat the wife in the manner he does. The wife also pointed out further areas the husband needs to improve on. Through councelling WELA was able to reconcile the parties. Both apologised to themselves and left happy. On follow-up, WELA found out that both parties are happier and understand themselves better now.
Mrs. A Mrs. A, married at the marriage registry on Dec, 28, 2013 to Mr. B. On the 20th of Jan 2018, Mrs. A Came from Ikorodu to report to WELA that the husband is keeping an extra marital relationship to the extent that his mistress gave birth to a baby boy. Mr. B also beats our client. WELA wrote a letter to Mr. B at the wife’s instruction, pointing out the violations to our client rights and further informed him that we will go to court if he further violates our client right’s. The husband at the receipt of the letter apologised to the wife and has since returned to his matrimonial home and treats the wife with so much respect.
Mrs. A Mrs. A Borrowed N1.5M from Accion Microfinance Bank for business. The loan is due and still outstanding. Our client came to WELA for legal aid. WELA wrote a letter to the bank requesting that the outstanding loan be rescheduled. The bank has written to us to state their readiness to reschedule the loan to enable our client conveniently offset the outstanding.
Mrs. A The husband of our client sent her and her 6 children out of the matrimonial home. WELA on the 11th of December, 2018, gave Mrs.A a huge sum of Money to start a business to support her children. Currently, the husband through the Sango/Ota Police command invited Pascaline to bring her children to the police. She called WELA and a lawyer was sent to Sango on her behalf. Due to WELA’s intervention, Mrs. A is no longer being harassed by her husband using the police. WELA intends to file a process before the court for custody and maintenance for the children of the marriage.
Mrs. Joy Ebelebe The husband, who lives in Australia, abandoned the wife and the 3 children of the marriage. The husband filed for divorce WELA has undertaken to represent Joy in the matter. WELA has filled a reply to the petition served on our pro-bono
Mrs. A A good Nigerian sent a message to WELA that Mr. B beats the wife. WELA immediately sent a lawyer and another staff to the address given. The man was grossly sorry and made an undertaking not to ever touch the wife. WELA will continue to follow up on the matter to ensure there is no repeat of the violence.
Mrs. A.


Incessant beating by the husband
Mrs. A The clients husband Mr. B beats our client regularly. A teacher at Yaba tech staff school. A letter has been written to the man as directed by the wife inviting him for mediation
Mrs. Franceska Igwanigie. 11 Onabanjo Street, Oworonshoki, Lagos. The client saw the WELA program on LTV. The client’s husband since two years of separation does not provide for the maintenance and welfare of the children of the marriage. The client got married to the husband on Nov, 1, 2014 at St. Dominic’s catholic church Yaba.
Mrs.A, Igbogbo Ikorodu – Mrs. A saw our program on LTV. Being in an abusive relationship, Blessing decided to speak out having listened to the Director of WELA. Blessing’s case is that her husband beats her over every little problem. On the 13th of March, 2018, her husband battered her over the allegation that she took his Mr. B) WELA has written a letter to the husband of our client, inviting him to for mediation.



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